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Why use a Corporate Finance consultant?


The DIFFERENCE of Using a Consultant

  1. This project sure make money.  Therefore the banker/investor will surely fund it.
  2. When borrower age is 65 and above is considered to be high risk because he or she already has "one leg inside the grave" even he or she may be healthy.
  3. My company accounts is profitable.
  4. My banks account is healthy.

All these reasons do not guarantee your loan will be approved.

Apply Yourself

SME Micro and

Working Capital


Bank Term Loan

and Mortgage Loan.



(Equities based)

Crowd Funding

(Rewards based)

Project Funding

using SBLC, BG and DPLC

We do not deal in start up funding or seed funding.

  • The consultant has good relationship with bankers and financial institutions.  He may also has his own pool of private investors.
  • Different banks has different requirements.  The consultant will know the requirements so that you will not waste time and effort approaching the wrong bank.
  • The consultant can recommend the best finance loans that suit your needs and requirements.
  • The consultant knows how to avoid the pitfalls and mines in loan applications.
  • Hassle free as the consultant will help you to do bank documentation.

Using a Consultant

  • Error Prone
  • Take longer time
  • Risk of not meeting bank requirement and get rejected.
  • Risk of 6 strikes you are out.
  • Banker won't tell you the truth why rejected.
  • Error preempted
  • Quicker to approve
  • Met bank requirements as he knows what are the requireement for individual bank.
  • Banker has relationship with consultant
  • Can "chum siong" with banker.